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The New Enugu City

Enugu City as presently constituted can no longer cope with the population, traffic, business, etc. The Coal City lives on past glory – congested, worn out, and out of tune with what a modern city should be. This challenge was recognised by past administrations, such as the Sullivan Chime administration, which commenced the processes of land acquisition to expand the City. However, no further steps were taken in terms of its actualisation.

Meanwhile, Enugu is not alone. There is a quest by governments across the world to set up new cities. According to ArchDaily, new and master-planned cities are emerging all over in the past 20 years, particularly in Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. About 150 new cities are in the making. This is particularly so with emerging markets, which tilt towards new cities as a strategy to leapfrog towards knowledge economies with smart cities that draw foreign investors and tourists.

On assumption of office, Governor Mbah swung into action towards realising what he named the New Enugu City. The New Enugu City, which caters for today and the future, measures 9,730.204 hectres of land properly acquired, endorsed by the State House of Assembly and gazetted by the administration. It cuts across five LGAS, namely, Enugu South, Enugu East, Enugu North, Nkanu East, and Nkanu West. The first phase of the project, which Governor Mbah is pursuing with vigour, covers 26 square kilometres and will be delivered in 24 months.

Governor Mbah has explained that the New City, would rub shoulders with any great city in the world. According to him, “We have conceived a city that we believe marks the beginning of our journey to the position and consequential roles we want to play in the affairs of this continent.”

The New Enugu City will warehouse three Islands – the Happy Island, Vitality Bay, and Innovation Park – designed with first class city features in mind.  Because Enugu deserves the best, Governor Mbah said the New Enugu City would bring the experiences of Dubai, Singapore, and other major cities in the world home.  It will have a centralised public utilities such as dedicated power plant, central sewage system, high speed internet, anything else that could be found in any best-rated smart city around the world. 

The project has been awarded to CCCC to show a government matching words with action, given that China is a leader in developing smart cities and smart city technologies around the world.

The New Enugu City project is on course and Governor Mbah is leaving no one, including hitherto doubting ‘Thomases’ that it is realisable. He is deploying highly impressive financing models to pursue this dream, demonstrating by action and power of imagination that he is that kind of leader that thinks not just about today. Indeed, for Ndi Enugu, tomorrow is here, for in the New Enugu City, splendour, investment hub beckons.